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White whale dolphins

Wearing a wet suit to the pool where dolphins live! White whale, Bottlenose dolphin A special program where you can swim! Would you like to make eye contact with animals, touch your body, and give them a gohan underwater? You can get to know the animals better and have a good time with them.

Implementation period

March 20th

Required time

About 100 minutes

Reception / Lecture 30 minutes
40 minutes program
Shower / change of clothes 30 minutes

* Please check the ticket purchase page for the program start time.

Participation fee

13,000 yen (1 person)

A separate ticket for entering the "Aqua Resorts (4 Aquariums facilities)" is required.

Participation conditions

10 years old or older, who can swim 25m or more

Elementary school students must participate with their parents (aged 18 or older) (charged)


Those who understand the staff's explanation in Japanese and can follow the instructions

The number of participants

10 people (1 time) It may be changed depending on the situation of animals.

please note

Please sign the "Fureai Lagoon Program Participation Agreement" in advance and bring it with you on the day of participation.
In addition, customers under high school students need the consent of their parents. (See Participation conditions and notes for details.)

Program contents (White whale + Bottlenose dolphin)

If you can kiss dolphins, splash water, and communicate with animals ...
My favorite dolphin is tight! You can also hug. Grab a dolphin's dorsal fin to swim in the pool or enjoy a dreamy 40 minutes.


White whale

Ride or swim on the back of the popular White whale Fureai Lagoon...
We offer various experience programs for about 20 minutes!


Bottlenose dolphin

A contact experience with a lively "Bottlenose dolphin"!
You can grab a Bottlenose dolphin that is full of speed and carry it in the pool, or you can see the powerful jump that jumps out in front of you. You can also enjoy various experience programs of about 20 minutes here.