Wear your torso, step into the world of dolphins, and become a full-fledged dolphin trainer! By feeding and touching while learning health checks and training, the distance between you and the dolphins should be shortened! Let's aim to be a full-fledged dolphin trainer with all our hearts!

Required time

About 55 minutes

Reception / Lecture 30 minutes
Play program 10 minutes each (20 minutes in total)
5 minutes to change clothes

open time
Participation fee


A separate ticket for entering the "Aqua Resorts (4 Aquariums facilities)" is required.

Participation conditions
6才以上 ※小学生までは保護者の方(18才以上)と一緒にご参加ください(有料)

Those who understand the staff's explanation in Japanese and can follow the instructions


Pregnant customers are not allowed to participate.

The number of participants





Please be sure to read it

  • 参加に際しては「ふれあいラグーン プログラム参加条件承諾書」また、高校生以下のお客さまは保護者の方の承諾が必要となります。ダウンロードいただき、事前にご署名のうえ当日ご持参ください。

  • 参加条件承諾書はこちら

  • Please wear a mask when you participate in the program. Also, please bring a replacement mask as the mask may get wet when you participate in the program.

  • The play program can be subject to a lot of splashes.
    If you need it, please change your clothes and bring a towel.

  • The body length and life jacket worn when participating in the program are sterilized with alcohol each time.

Program content


Bottlenose dolphin and White whale dolphin dolphin trainer, it is important to manage the health of the dolphins. Is there any abnormality in facial expressions or movements? In addition to observing, you can check your health by touching Punipuni's body and mouth. In addition, challenge training! Sign with your senior trainer to communicate with the animals. If you can understand, you too are a dolphin trainer!


Let's take a picture of your memories!

Customers participating in the program will be photographed with the staff's camera! You can receive it in various formats. (From 1,000 yen)

■ Image data
We will give you a QR code that you can download on the spot!
■ Key chain
You can put the pictures you took and the pictures of sea creatures! I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of creature it is!
■ Photo
We will hand it in the original frame.