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"Play with White whale dolphins" "Play with dolphins"

Why don't you wear a long body, take a step into their world and feel like a trainer? A program that will surely make you a friend even if you touch the backs of animals in the shallows, raise rice, or get closer to the animals! "White whale You can choose from two types of courses Let's play with" and "Let's play with dolphins".

Implementation period

April-July, September-March
* Not held in August.

Required time

About 50 minutes

Reception / Lecture 30 minutes
Play Program 15 minutes
Change clothes 5 minutes

* Please check the ticket purchase page for the program start time.

Participation fee

2,200 yen each (1 person)

A separate ticket for entering the "Aqua Resorts (4 Aquariums facilities)" is required.

Participation conditions

6 years old or older

Elementary school students must participate with their parents (aged 18 or older) (charged)


Those who understand the staff's explanation in Japanese and can follow the instructions

The number of participants

10 people each time

* Subject to change due to animal conditions.

please note

Please sign the "Fureai Lagoon Program Participation Agreement" in advance and bring it with you on the day of participation.
In addition, customers under high school students need the consent of their parents. (See Participation conditions and notes for details.)

Program content

Play with White whale


Please interact with the White whale. Put on your torso (trousers often worn by fishmongers) and enter the shallow water with a depth of 60 cm to raise or touch! White whale Puni Puni. Dancing with the White whale, sprinkling it on water ... are the White whale laughing? Since you can make various voices, let's listen carefully! Wow! Touched in the mouth ... I'm scared but I saw it for the first time.
The last one is a greeting "Baiba-i". Puni Puni!

Let's play with dolphins


Please interact with the Bottlenose dolphin.
Put on your torso (trousers often worn by fishmongers) and enter the shallow water with a depth of 60 cm to raise or touch! Don't worry because you have a trainer! The dolphins you see in front of you are bigger than you think.
Such a dolphin is a cheek on everyone's cheeks. I'm so happy.
If you can communicate with animals, everyone is a trainer. Dolphins jump when you sign! Dance with your body! Shake hands to prove that it has improved! The final greeting is "Baby ~ i"