Five types of Penguin welcome you

There are 5 types of Penguin bred in Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise!
It is a very popular Penguin that appears in shows and events.

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Sea Paradise Penguin

King penguin

Weight 10-20kg. Emperor Penguin next to a large Penguin is. Dive into the sea and catch fish and squid. It lays one egg at a time and heats by alternation for about 54 days.

Rockhopper penguin

Weight is 2-5kg. I live in a relatively warm area. It is a Penguin with yellow eyebrows-like wings on its eyes. This name came from a unique jumping. Lay two eggs of different sizes and heat for 30-35 days.

Gentoo Penguin

Weight is 4-9kg. They nest in seaside hills, lay 2-3 eggs, and incubate 35-37 days in sex. Baits include squid and shrimp.

Cape penguin

Weight 3-6kg. Lay two eggs and warm for 42 days. Parents feed chicks for 7-8 months.

Adelie Penguin

Weight 5-6kg. I mainly eat krill. The beak looks shorter because more than half is covered with feathers. Lay two eggs and warm for 33-39 days.