Pacific white-sided dolphin

Sea Paradise of dice Pacific white-sided dolphin, the Marine Mammals Show has been a big success.

The body color is black or black gray on the back and white on the abdomen, but there is a clear white or gray white part from the back of the eyes to the abdomen on the body side. There is also a white area that extends from the base of the tail fin along the body side and near the dorsal fin. The sickle-shaped large dorsal fin has a white trailing edge and looks like a blade of a sickle, so it is called a "Kama" dolphin.

In fact, he is a very serious dolphin and rarely skips shows and trainings. He is a hard worker and is fascinating.

Creature information

English name Pacific white-sided dolphin
Scientific name Lagenorhynchus obliquidens
Family name Dolphin family
Body length 2.5m
Habitat Temperate North Atlantic