White whale

Sea Paradise animal to represent the dice White whale.

Whales of the narwhal family. It is mainly distributed in the Arctic Ocean.
It is 3m-5m long, weighs 0.5t-1.5t, matures 5-8 years old, has a white body, and the fat layer on the face and head is very soft and flexible. You can move your neck freely, and it has a very cute look.
Another characteristic is that it does not have a dorsal fin, and it is called a “canary of the sea” because its squealing sounds like a small bird.
It plays an active role as a White whale singing, and its cute gesture with a large body is very popular.

Creature information

English name White whale
Scientific name Delphinapterus leucas
Family name Narwhal family
Body length 3m-5m
Habitat Arctic